752's -- Where does UA get the E+ Space?

Discussion in 'United Airlines | MileagePlus' started by J.Edward, Feb 19, 2011.

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    Below are the seaguru maps for both CO and UA's 752s:

    [​IMG]_________ [​IMG]
    _________CO752, 159E-_________UA752, 50E+/108E-/158 total
    *UA's row 14 is a regular E+ seat w/r/t legroom.​

    ...and what's interesting is somehow UA's squeezing out extra pitch from their config.

    For example CO has 6 rows in front of the exit row (7-12), just like UA, *but* somehow UA's able to offer 36" pitch compared to CO's 31". Granted the starboard side of the aircraft is configured differently, but I'm stuck scratching my head as how this can be the case on the port side as I assume both aircraft have 2L/R and the two overwing exits at the same spot on the fuselage.

    Moreover, I also wonder if it would be possible for CO to reconfigure their 752s to match the UA configuration (put in E+ through the exit rows, remove the mini-galley at 2R, and add in two extra seats where the galley was) so they could add in E+ with only the loss of one Y seat.

    Anyone know how UA pulls this off?
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    UA actually has 6 rows in front of the exit row compared to CO's 7 on the left side. The FA seats are pull-down jump seats built into the bulkhead. So they got rid of one row of Y to increase the pitch. On the right side, the two seat row is next to the exit (not behind) and UA row 9 is positioned approximately the same as CO row 7. All-in-all, with UA you get E+ for the loss of only one revenue Y seat.
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    CO's internationally-configured 757s will probably require both the larger galley and closet at 2R for longhaul operations. The galley at 2R in the United domestic configuration is quite a bit smaller than CO's and is not a large workspace for flight attendants. I would imagine that the legacy CO 752s will go to 153Y unless they find a way to maintain closet and galley space elsewhere.

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