7 of America's hottest hotel restaurants

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    Convenient as they are for a quick bite, hotel restaurants can get a bad rap for uninspired menus and bland atmosphere — sometimes, deservedly so.
    But there's been a countervailing trend gathering strength since the mid-'90s, and some of the hottest restaurants are now opening in hotels, proving to be destinations for locals and tourists alike. As Spanish chef José Andrés says, with "so many great dining and drinking experiences in hotels, it is bringing back a golden age when hotels were the only places to meet out for a dinner."

    Savvy hoteliers like Ian Schrager, Andre Balazs, and Steve Wynn were among the pioneers, seeing the possibility of luring guests with high-concept design and high-caliber culinary talent.
    "Vegas had a lot to do with it," says Charlie Palmer, who has seven hotel restaurants. "They wanted the branding, not just someone to cook. They realized a lot of people travel by their stomachs, and a great restaurant from a well-known chef not only offers a great dining experience, it brings notoriety to a hotel."

    Read More: http://www.cnn.com/2012/08/28/travel/hottest-hotel-restaurants-t--l/index.html
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    I remember as a kid (many years ago) that Las Vegas was not about food. They used to brind free food and drinks to the players. it was all about the high rollers and slot players were the dregs of society. Now it is about slot clubs, gourmet restaurants and everything else to make money. It seems the high rollers are fewer in numbers now.
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    True enough but I doubt that these upscale restaurants are considered strictly as profit centers.
    One can almost view them as loss leaders (and they are often comped to the high rollers anyway) .. get the patrons into the casino and get them to gamble away.
    Ever thought why in most cases your have to walk through (sometimes it seems like the entire) gaming area to get to the casino restaurants?

    In any event most casinos make the bulk of their money from the people pumping cash into the slot machines
    thats why there are way more slots than any other form of gambling..
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    I go to Las Vegas specifically for the restaurants!

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