7 apps to take your customer loyalty program mobile

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    In my wallet, I have two customer rewards/loyalty cards for local businesses: a paper one that tracks how many times I've been to the car wash (only on weekdays though!), and an electronic one that logs how much I have spent at the nail salon (it hasn't seen the light of day more than a year!)

    But the one that I use the most is actually on my smartphone, a mobile app that checks me in during my visits to the hairdresser. (I won't say which one, but the technology is from one of the companies that I'll list in a moment.)

    When I first downloaded that app last year, it was mainly out of curiosity: I was surprised that my otherwise technophobic stylist was digitizing client promotions and marketing in this manner. Mainly I use it just for this one business, but lately, I've noticed other merchants from my small New Jersey town showing up in the directory and I've done some research about them. When I glanced at the interface just now for inspiration, it offered up a whole different list of nearby businesses based on the GPS reading on my iPhone.

    The fact is, though, it makes more sense than ever for small retailers, merchants and restaurants to consider digitizing or mobilizing their loyalty systems.

    After all, pieces of paper are pretty one-dimensional not to mention easy to lose or tear. By taking rewards electronic, it's possible for a small-business owner to simultaneously acknowledge their repeat customers and also to track in more detail the sorts of services they typically buy, the time of day they usually visit and how much money they are likely to spend.

    Read More: http://www.zdnet.com/7-apps-to-take-your-customer-loyalty-program-mobile-7000025654/
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