6 things to keep in mind while travelling during pregnancy

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    Sometimes travelling during pregnancy is unavoidable. In most cases the fuss over travelling during pregnancy is blown out of proportion. If handled with care, travelling in between those nine months is safe. We bring to you tips on how you can have a perfectly safe and comfortable journey during your pregnancy.

    Consult your doctor-

    Always seek an authoritative advice instead of going with the neighbor’s aunt advice. If your doctor says that it is safe for you to travel, it means it is. Also make sure you carry your prenatal records, medical reports and prescriptions, along with your medicines.

    Travel light-

    Avoid carrying heavy luggage during pregnancy. Carry a light weight suitcase or bag along with bare essentials. Carrying heavy weight can make things worse. Also it will drain all your energy.

    Avoid heels-

    Carry a comfy pair of shoes. Avoid wearing high or pointed heels while travelling during pregnancy. Also high heels exert more pressure on your back bone. Walking in flats, will make your walk comfy.

    Eat healthy-

    Most women suffer from gastric problems during pregnancy. It is important to eat the right food during travel, with less oil and spice. If you want to avoid nausea and indigestion eat green while you travel.

    Read More: http://daily.bhaskar.com/article/HE...-travelling-during-pregnancy-4361640-NOR.html
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    It is very useful knowledge which generally ppl did not mind while the traveling.
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    Sometimes travelling during pregnancy becomes unavoidable so before travelling keep in mind the following things like:
    • Consult your doctor
    • Travel light
    • Avoid heels
    • Eat healthy-
    • Carry a pillow or neck rest-
    • Keep calm

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