$50 a Day in Vancouver

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  1. Money can’t buy you love, but it sure can buy you a good time. You’re in Vancouver and you have $50 to spend on fun, food and transportation; what are you going to do? Depending on what hotel you’re staying at, you may have breakfast included and that could save you some cash to spend on other goodies throughout your day.
    Assuming you’ve had breakfast, the next step is planning on where to burn that energy and the ultimate way to get your heart rate up is to hit up Grouse Mountain. If you have a car, it’s a lovely drive over to North Vancouver, otherwise you can hop onto the bus for $3.75 each way. Hiking up Grouse Grind is free and to get back down, there is a gondola to do the work for you. For $10, enjoy the beautiful scenery, as your legs take in the break. You can grab a bite to eat up at the top, but a better option would be to grab a sandwich from one of the many grocery stores, cafes or bakeries downtown. Plus, dining al-fresco with a stunning view is likely just what the doctor ordered after an hour or so of hard hiking. So, we’re at about $25 for transportation, lunch and getting down the mountain.
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    If you’re not into getting in a workout while you’re on vacation, why not relax and spend the day at the beach? The beaches downtown are easily within walking distance, but if you want to make it out to Jericho or Spanish Banks, taking the bus ($5 round trip) or driving would be a better option. Spending the day at the beach is entirely free and packing a picnic will only set you back as much as you want. So, let’s say that including bus and packing your lunch, this day would cost you $15, leaving plenty of cash for the night.
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    Another free thing to do is to spend the day exploring the neighborhoods; Chinatown, Gastown, Yaletown, the West End, South Granville and Kits are all so different and worth a visit. If you’re downtown, $5-$10 can get you lunch from one of the many street food vendors around the city.
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    As night falls, you may wish to treat yourself to something delicious and Nicli Antica is the place to go for pure comfort. Order their Margherita pizza for $12 and a glass of their house red for $5 and you have yourself the perfect dinner for just under $25 (incl tax and tip). Depending on how hungry you are, you could split a pizza with a friend, which would give you some extra cash to splurge on dessert, or a night cap in one of the local haunts around town. Gilt and Co is a triple threat when it comes to something to do in the evening. Order a pint and enjoy the live music and play some games. Renting their games is totally free, so you could use up the last of your cash to order a cold one and challenge your opponents to a game of life size Jenga!

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