50,000 mile UA card - targeted?

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    Hi everyone - I was looking for some award travel on the United.com website last night. I found one and went through the steps to the end. It asked me to sign in again, which I did, but accidentally using my husband's account. The website said he only had 1400 miles, and had an offer for a United credit card with 50,000 points after a $2,000 spend in the first three months, and 5,000 bonus miles for adding an authorized user and making a spend in the first three months. Also a $50 statement credit.

    Since we both had the United card and cancelled it, and he has two other cards with Chase, I thought there was no way. But he was instantly approved.

    When I went into my account and tried to get the offer, it was only for the standard 30,000 miles that has been around for a while. (and yes, I did get a screenshot!)

    Even with the upcoming devaluation, this was a welcome offer.
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    Same here. My wife got 2 offers: 50K signup for MP/Explorer, and MP/Club with entire $395 first year fee waived. (I have the MP/Select and she is an additional holder on that account.) When I checked, all they would give me was 30K for Explorer, or $100 credit off the Club. I guess the thinking is: "We already got you - no extra goodies for you." So much for loyalty ... #@$% marketers!
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    I have the MP Explorer. Just checked and all I saw was the same $100 off the Club card after 1st spend. I'd fairly jump at Club card w/ fee waived for 1st year.

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