5 website functions you need to move to Facebook

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  1. Just a few years ago, a website was the most important key to delivering relevant content about your brand to your target demographic. Due to the rise of Facebook, though, things have changed significantly. No longer are marketing materials directing consumers to visit the brand's dotcom to learn more -- they're being told to find them on Facebook.

    The five Facebook functions include:

    1. Online Fan Communities
    2. Photos and Video
    3. Special Offers and Reward Programs
    4. Polls and Surveys
    5. Catalog
    It's not for everyone -- yet
    As it stands, not every brand should move its entire consumer-facing web presence to Facebook. Although Facebook has proven to be a powerful tool for engaging consumers, there are still some aspects of web development that are ahead of Facebook in terms of user experience. But companies with forward-thinking marketers should move aspects of their web presence to Facebook and carefully monitor the increase or decrease in engagement among consumers.
    It's not for everyone just yet, but we might one day live in a world where it's not just five things that should live on Facebook, but perhaps your brand's entire online identity. But not yet.
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    You realize that many major employeers block facebook access right?

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