5 tips to travel smart with mobile gear

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    Frequent business travelers know that smart planning can make the difference between a good trip and travel nightmares. Following these tips will help make that vacation or business trip provide smooth sailing.

    Bring a cable stash

    Whether traveling for business or a vacation, forgetting one of the chargers/cables for your mobile gear can get you started on the wrong foot. I learned long ago that the best way to prepare for a trip is to get a cheap cable stash for keeping all the gadget chargers and cables in one place.

    Since I always travel with a laptop and a tablet, I tend to buy an extra power adapter for each gadget. These spare adapters stay in the cable stash, and at packing time I just toss it in one of the pockets of my carryon luggage.

    In addition to a power adapter for the laptop, tablet, and phone, I always have a long ethernet cable in the stash. Some hotels still only provide wired ethernet connectivity so having an ethernet cable comes in handy.

    Many gadgets now have some sort of USB charging solution with a microUSB connector on the device. For this reason I always have an extra USB-to-microUSB cable in the stash just in case.

    Read More: http://www.zdnet.com/5-tips-to-travel-smart-with-mobile-gear-7000016903/
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    Good info, thanks Sobore!
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    i need to an an inventory. i usually end up with five or six mini usb cables...

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