5 rental car insurance loopholes

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    Renting a car is one of those times when you absolutely need a credit card. What's more, most credit cards provide a form of insurance called a collision damage waiver that can save you the expense of purchasing insurance from the rental car agency.

    Not so fast, though. As easy as it is to pay for a rental car with a credit card, these policies are full of exceptions and exclusions. Before relying on your credit card's insurance, watch out for the following loopholes:

    1. Your credit card might not include rental car insurance. Almost all credit cards include some form of rental car insurance, but not all. Popular products that don't include it are the Slate card from Chase and the Capital One Secured MasterCard.

    2. There might be territorial exclusions. Credit cards cover rental cars in nearly every country, but there are some notable exceptions. Most Visa, MasterCard and American Express cards exclude cars rented in popular tourist destinations such as Italy, Ireland, Israel, Jamaica and New Zealand.

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