5* Mercer Hotel Barcelona (review of tripadvisors nr 1 hotel in barcelona)

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    During my stay in Barcelona I had the opportunity to stay at the 5 * Mercer Hotel Barcelona. Currently the number 1 hotel on Tripadvisor and awarded a place within the top 100 hotels and resorts according to International Travellers Magazine .. So it goes without saying that I was having very high expectations.

    Finding the hotel
    The hotel is located in the gothic quarter in Barcelona where the streets are small and even smaller. Its a good thing I took the metro as its located only 300 meters from the hotel as I dont think a taxi would have an easy job trying to get to the hotel. (but I might be wrong) but after walking around 5 minutes I made my way and found the hotel.

    Check in and Check out
    As I entered the hotel the door was opened for me and I was greeted very friendly and I opted for a glass of orange juice. As I checked in the concierge introduced himself to me and let me know if there was anything to just let him know. As I arrived at the hotel in the morning time I didn not asume my room would be ready but to my surprise I was informed that the room was indeed ready and that I would be escorted to my room number 307. (According to the receptionest one of the nicer room as it offers views of the tower)

    To also cover the check out experience right away this was a very standard experience but I loved that the concierge came back and asked me if I enjoyed my stay and if everyting was to my liking. (The staff has a very personable,proactive and aproachable attitiude)

    My Room
    I booked a superior room and was given room 307 and according to the receptionist one of the better rooms in the hotel as it has a view of the tower. The hotel as well as the room have a very specific design. Either you love it or you dont as it does not ooze hardcore luxery but rather finds a balance between the history of the building, its location and providing the expected luxery elements.

    Overall I loved my room and I only have 3 real comments to make:
    Firstly I would have loved a bathtub, especially considering the separate toilet was so big I figured it also served as a separate changing room.

    Secondly all information provided in my room was in Spanish so I asumed that the hotel caters to a mostly spanish clientel. I was surprised to learn that most guests are from USA and or Scandinavia and the hotel rarely has spanish guests. (Due to the higher pricelevels (direct quote from the staff) ) So why then put everything in Spanish as I no hablar espanol

    And lastly when I looked outside my windows I indeed saw the tower but when I looked down I saw what looked like construction site. Not something that was very appealing to the eye. However after asking about it it turned out that the city tore down the building that was there and wanted to create a little park but found remains of the roman period so thats the reason why it looked the way it did.

    Being a small hotel the staff not only has the time but also makes the time to memmorize your name, what you did today and shows personal interest in how your day was. The overal interaction was extreemly friendly, personal and aproachable. The staff truly made me feel welcome. I also felt that the staff as a team are very proud to be working for Mercer Hotel Barcelona and are very much excited to explain you the stories behind the wall of the hotel

    Breakfast was confusing to me. It’s served in the restaurant area of the hotel and as I sat down I was given a menu without a clear instruction as to how the hotel sets up the breakfast. (As its not a buffet) I was given a menu and I quickly figured out that everything would be made to order and I could order anything I want, how I wanted it and how much I wanted. (something I like) So when I ordered a muffin I got not only a muffin but rather: Everything chocolat on the menu as I mentioned how much I love chocolat. So the staff was friendly, pro active but at the start it felt very rushed as the concept was not (clearly) explained to me.

    Touring the hotel
    I asked specifically to be shown around the hotel so I was able to understand a bit more of the background of the hotel.

    I learned that the hotel only has 28 rooms and its all about personalized service. Some of the walls within the hotel are from the first century also there are some original roman murals visible. Its simply amazing to think that part of the hotel was build by the romans and this is really something that makes this hotel so unique.

    The hotel offers 2 restaurants both of them I did not try as I was informed they where fully booked. So make sure to plan ahead as that must be a great sighn.The head chef is Jean Luc Figueras and eventhough I didnt find any real reviews you are find a press release: Here
    There is also a bar to enjoy drinks and behind the bar is the library where guests can relax and read. For the summer time (as it gets hot in Barcelona) the hotel also has a rooftop pool but they are currently renovating and updating the pool area as the summer has yet to begin so I didnt get to see that.

    Mercer Hotel Barcelona is anything but a commerical 5* luxery hotel in the heart of Barcelona. I dont think you can compare the hotel to the W or The Arts hotel. Both of them target different niche of clients. Mercer is a true urban design hotel that pureley put the focus on offering personalized service and making guests feel as if they are the only guests in the entire hotel. (And with only 28 rooms it can feel that all staff are only there for your needs)

    The location of the hotel is just great. On my 1 day of sightseeing I took the metro but every time I realized: Hey, I could have just walked here from the hotel. And when getting lost on the small streets of the Gothic quarter somehow I always ended up back at the hotel. So I enjoyed my stay here very much, the hotel truly is one of a kind and I can only recommend anyone who is visiting Barcelona and who is looking for a more unique luxery experience to stay at the Mercer Hotel Barcelona

    For more pictures you can visit the full review HERE
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    Thanks for sharing your very detailed impressions with us about this hotel.

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