4 Starwood points per dollar at 75 Nights?

Discussion in 'Starwood | Preferred Guest' started by riceoven, Jul 1, 2012.

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    Did I miss something? I just noticed that in the new 75 night starwood platinum "+" level, you get 4 starpoints per dollar rather than 3. I remember when they announced the new benefits changes this year, they listed personal starwood concierge representative and "your 24" benefits at 75 nights level. Now it seems the concierge services is listed under the normal platinum benefits and 4 points/$ at 75. Did I miss this announcement at some point? I'm at 74 nights this year, so I'm very happy :)

    reference: https://www.starwoodhotels.com/preferredguest/account/member_benefits/platinum_preferred.html
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    4 points per dollar has been part of the new benefits since they went into effect in March. It works out extra nice with the SPG Nice Choice if you pick triple points! Not sure about the concierge, I think that's always been part of the 50+ nights benefit .
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    SPG announced a bunch of changes, IIRC on February 1, effective March 1.

    At 75 nights, you get the fourth point (in addition to the normal two per eligible dollar plus one more for Plat, and more for using the SPG AmEx card) and the 24 hour check in/out privilege. However, the 24 thing is subject to availability and only confirmed a day or so in advance, so IMO it's basically worthless. (I have 24 hour check in/out privileges at certain other hotels and those are guaranteed and confirmed when I make my reservation or otherwise advise them, which makes it much easier to make plans around flight schedules.)

    Every Plat, even including PlatMinus at 25 nights so far, has access to Plat Concierge, but it's not at all personal. At 100 nights, you are assigned an Ambassador.

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