30K Aeroplan Miles, FYF - best deal out there?

Discussion in 'Air Canada | Aeroplan' started by tombrady1212, Sep 15, 2016.

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    I want to ramp up my Aeroplan miles for a trip this spring. I noticed an Aeroplan credit card offer of 25K, +5K if you add an authorized user, with no fee in the first year and no min spend required. Is that as good as it gets, or should I wait for a better deal?
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    Looks pretty reasonable to me. There is always a better deal waiting, it seems, but unless you have a crystal ball, I'd go for what's on offer. You could get the TD card and its 30,000 miles, plus the Amex gold and 25,000 to double up on offers.

    And do look for other promotions on the Aeroplan site. I'm renting a car this weekend and should score 5000 miles for my trouble.
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    Keep in mind that you have to pay to add the authorized user.

    That's been historically the best TD Aeroplan deal out there. So for TD specific, I would go for it. If you are waiting for another offer, that's a different story.

    Personally, I would get the TD one and also got the future offer from another company when that comes out. But like YULtide said, you can never predict the future.
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