30 years ago "Let the People Fly" campaign broke UK's aircartel, when will we break ours?

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    In 1988, a small number of airlines kept most UK residents grounded with sky high fares and few choices, sparking a campaign called "Let the People Fly." One of the great things that happened in the British Isles was the breaking up of that cartel and the rise of a competitive airline industry that drove fares to where they are now" prices regularly $25, $50, just flew for $12. Meanwhile, incredibly, in the United States we have gone in the direct opposite direction-allowing for four carteliers to control 80% of the market. Now that they have been or surely will be found guilty of collusion and price fixing, where is the political will to smash this cartel and allow millions who can't now take to the skies of their own country? The silence of the media is so blatant and shows the power of the internet to control and spood feed information so that in many ways the nation is less informed today than in the days when newsprint and faxes ruled.

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