3 Chase Cards in 6 weeks - 100K United Bonus, 50K Southwest Bonus

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    1/8/13 - I applied for my first Chase credit card, Chase MileagePlus Visa personal (50K Bonus mail invitation) and was instantly approved with $11,500 CL.

    2/14/13 - I applied for Chase Southwest Premier Visa personal (50K Bonus email invitation). It went to Pending status. I called reconciliation number (1-888-245-0625) and she said my application was denied because of a recent Chase application on 1/8. After review of my CR, the analyst said she could approve me for $7500. I asked if she could give me $8K. She offered $8500 if I was wiling to move 1K from my MileagePlus Visa. I told her sure. I got approved for the Southwest Visa with $8500 CL and my MileagePlus personal card CL changed to $10,500.

    2/14/13 - I applied for Chase MileagePlus Visa Business (50K Bonus mail invitation). (I followed the "How To Fill Out A Business Credit Card Application" instructions found on MillionMileSecrets) It went to Pending status. I called the reconciliation number (1-800-453-9719) on 2/15. Analyst said my application was denied due to recent multiple applications with Chase but she would reconsider it. She asked me about the business; specifically about Gross Revenue and Gross Profit for 2010, 2011, and 2012. She also about my personal income and how much did I anticipate charging on the business card each month. I told her $5K - $8K. She placed me on hold for about 2 minutes and came back with an approval for 10K CL.

    Since September 2012, this brings my total new credit card count to 10 (not including 3 department store cards). I think I'll take a break now....lol.
    • Amex: 3 (including Platinum charge card)
    • Discover: 1
    • Penfed: 1
    • Citi: 1
    • Chase: 3
    • Barclays: 1
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