2nd daily BRU-EWR rotation starts in S16

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    Today Brussels Airlines announced the opening of the BRU-YYZ route in response to the withdrawal of 9W out of BRU.

    SN also announced that UA (as a A++ partner) will start a second daily BRU-EWR rotation in response to 9W leaving. The second rotation will be operated by a Boeing 767 in addition to the daily Boeing 777.

    No schedule has been released yet (nor if it will be PMUA or PMCO metal), flights should be loaded next week.

    The announcement was made by SN in this press statement: http://press.brusselsairlines.com/brussels-airlines-invests-in-intercontinental-growth#

    To be continued ;-)
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    The second UA flight will be a 752 at the outside edges and a 763 (2-cabin) in the height of summer. It will be a later departure versus the normal flight.

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