25K Bonus Miles for ~$160 - LifeShield Home Security

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    25,000 bonus miles for purchase of the startup kit (currently on sale for $99). 100 miles for each month you subscribe (monthly monitoring fee is $29.99).

    According to the T&Cs from the above website, miles are supposed to be awarded 40 days after purchase of the kit, provided you don't cancel within the 30 day money back period.

    So you could cancel in theory, 40 days post purchase and only have to pay for 1-2 months of service (assuming you're billed at the beginning of each 30 day period). So the kit plus 2 months would only cost you $159.97 or about $.006/mile. I'd want to wait until I saw the bonus in my MP account which could require another month service payment for a total of $189.96 (not counting any sales tax in either figure).

    Price is right to give it a shot. Never heard of the security company, though we had actually been thinking of trying a home alarm system.
  2. I would love to hear anyone's experience if they get this and how it works out. Cheers

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