$250,000 in Lending Donations

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    The Kiva Lending Team continues to be a source of pride on milepoint and recently passed the quarter-million-dollar level of donations to Kiva ($250,000). This extraordinary reflection on milepoint and its members is truly remarkable with this 7 month effort now ranking in the Top 50 teams of all time with Kiva and currently ranked #3 among the nearly 3,000 common interest teams.

    Please see this recap for yourself.

    But the team is not done yet. Recently members began to establish pledges for when the team reached future team goals at $500,000 loaned through Kiva and at $1,000,000 loaned through Kiva.

    In two days ... yes, two days, the group has more than $50,000 in new pledges toward meeting these goals. See this Pledge Effort here.

    And soon there will be a new member drive in which new and existing members will be able to earn our exclusive Kiva Lending Team t-shirts and polo shirts. The shirt design can be seen here.

    If charity begins at home—its home is milepoint. Thanks to all the Kiva Lending Team members who have made this an enjoyable effort to watch grow.
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