25-year-old military vet arrested for carrying loaded hangun at MDW

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    (STMW) – A military veteran is accused of trying to bring a loaded handgun onto a plane at Midway Airport during the busy holiday travel weekend, the Sun-Times reports.

    Josephine M. Coleman, 25, of Country Club Hills, is charged with boarding an aircraft with a weapon, and Cook County Judge James Brown ordered her held Sunday in lieu of $25,000.

    Coleman was arrested Saturday, according to Chicago Police reports, after she placed a carry-on bag containing a Smith & Wesson handgun loaded with seven live rounds on a Transportation Security Administration X-ray machine.

    She was allegedly on her way to Southwest Airlines flight No. 1404 bound for San Antonio.

    Coleman said she didn’t know the gun was in the bag, police said.

    “I’m in the military,” Coleman said, according to police. “And I have a FOID card.”

    Coleman’s firearm owner’s ID card is valid, according to the police report.
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    This "military veteran" has no business bringing a weapon aboard an airplane, let alone a handgun that was loaded. A firearm owner's ID card - presumably issued by the state of Illinois, and not by the federal government - under no circumstances permits someone to bring a gun aboard an airplane.

    As a military veteran, I can't think of a single circumstance in which anyone in the military would normally be permitted to bring a weapon aboard a commercial flight in the course of performing their military duties. If they were, they would have a considerable greater amount of justifying paperwork besides an "FOID card". And any transported gun would most certainly not be loaded!

    The bottom line is that, if something appears wrong, 99.99% of the time, it is! :rolleyes:
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    Perhaps the most interesting aspect of this whole incident was that she was quoted as saying she didn't know the gun was in the bag.:)
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    That is the part, all debate about guns aside, that never ceases to amaze me. If one accepts that responsible gun owners have a right to carry, then how can a gun owner ever be "responsible" if she doesn't know where her (loaded) handgun is at all times? Shouldn't she be thinking that through before she leaves her apartment? Where is my gun? Is it secure? Is it unloaded? (Because at that point, it cannot be used for owner self-defense as the owner is not there, and thus would only be used for mischief or accident.)
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    It never ceases to amaze me that there are people who are stupid enough to forget that they have a loaded firearm on them. :rolleyes:
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