24 JUNE 2011 - What was going on at ORD?

Discussion in 'United Airlines | MileagePlus' started by Critic, Jun 26, 2011.

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    Flew BNA-ORD-(EWR, but should have been PHL) on Friday night. My original connecting flight, UA 640, was initially delayed by as much as 3hr40min due to 'late arriving aircraft', then eventually cancelled. It appears that there were issues with a number of flights on Friday, including a flight to SFO. Anyone have any idea what was going on?

    (Incidentally, the only reason I was able to get home on Friday night was because CO 640 to EWR was delayed 3hrs due to...wait for it...late arriving aircraft. But I had a hell of a time trying to convince the UA CSRs to let me on to that flight, first because they didn't want to believe that a UA & CO flight with the same flight number would be departing from the same concourse [both flights were due to depart from T1 Concourse B], and then because the UA codeshare number for the CO flight showed 'departed on time'. I ended up having to get a paper ticket so I could run over to the CO gate agent for rebooking. Oy. Thankfully, my bag was right where it should have been on Saturday morning, waiting for me at the UA baggage office in PHL.)
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    Not quite sure if this was still the case, but there were a number of delays due to the recent HORRIBLE weather in the area from earlier in the week.
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    I transited Chicago on Friday, did seem a bit crazy.

    Got a VDB on my flight out of Chicago, ended up getting to my destination only 2.5 hours later, plus an upgrade via UDU on the re-booked flight.

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