2014 Super Bowl hotel rooms already scarce and pricey

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    In a supply-and-demand world, rooms are going for as much as 10 times normal pricing.
    It may still be 51 weeks until Super Bowl XLVIII in MetLife Stadium, but most hotels nearby offering rooms this far in advance have already posted the no vacancy sign.

    And those that haven't have jacked up their rates nearly tenfold in some cases, hoping to rake in their share of the estimated $550 million the big game is expected to generate for the regional economy.

    Most hotels in Bergen and Passaic counties that have put rooms on the market are sold out already for the 2014 Super Bowl weekend, according to online searches. Those searches and phone calls to reservations desks last week revealed at least two properties in the Bergen/Passaic area that still had rooms available — for a hefty price.

    Read More: http://www.northjersey.com/news/190572571_2014_Super_Bowl_hotel_rooms_already_scarce_and_pricey.html
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    I go to the game almost every year and always reserve a few rooms very early in the game. I have the W in Hoboken (not cheap) and three hotels in Manhattan (very reasonably priced) for friends that may need them later. This year in New Orleans it was really tough. I was able to get the Hyatt Regency for myself at $465.00 per night and a Best Western for a friend at $80.00 per night, but they were booked a year in advance.
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    I should have my folks rent out their house, as they are only 25 minutes from the stadium.
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    I travel quite a bit and had mainly used traveocity, expedia,and a few others but recently I found a site called
    easybookeng.com it compares hundreds of sites in a single search. It saved me a lot of time I just reserved my
    room for Superbowl 2014 and saved about 60% off the going rate.
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    Last year, Peter Greenberg suggested that you can manipulate the hotels around big events by booking a year or so out. If you book three or four rooms at $300-$500 per night for the weekend and then about two weeks before the game, call the Hotel and say "I don't think I need all the rooms can you make me a deal on just one or two and I can free up the other two for you to resell, or I could resell them online myself" then you might be able to get the hotel to drop the rate on the rooms that you want to keep (or even comp a room at a different period) in exchange for letting the Hotel offer the rooms to someone at greatly inflated rates two weeks before the game.

    He also suggest doing the same with Car Rental and airfares.

    Seems kinda underhanded but if the hotels increase their prices, why not take advantage of the lack of rooms?

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