20 Tips On How To Eat Like A Real Foodie On Vacation

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    You can’t eat yet.”

    My tablemates were ready to dig into their meal when my best friend and travel partner Rachel alerted everyone that they had to wait for a few.

    “Just one second,” I said, while whipping my phone out to snap a quick photo.

    “She does this a lot, you just have to get over it,” my friend said matter of factly, with a slight eye roll.
    It occurred to me then and there that most people don’t take a photo of everything they eat. Let’s not go overboard here: I don’t photo document every single thing that ever crosses a plate in front of me. I do however like to have inspiration for other meals, and when it comes to travel it’s all about keeping a visual diary of all the new foods that were experienced. Again, normal for some, not so normal for others.

    But there’s just something about the right composition of your passport, a postcard and a double espresso that you don’t want to miss out on. If you have mastered how to pretend you’re a foodie, now you’re ready to travel like one, and this guide will help you do just that.
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    not sure I get the whole photo thing with meals, at least the article suggested taking only one photo per day.

    Also didn't understand this one,
    is this supposed to be a palate cleanser?
    2. Order Sparkling Water With Everything

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