2 weeks in Europe need an itinerary HELP!

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  1. Hi! My husband and I are a couple of 20 somethings wanting to do a 2 week trip to Europe sometime in Sept-Oct. We're kind of new to travel and really don't know where to start. Our total budget is about $7,000

    By the way, we currently have the follow:
    +6,000 Shell Vacation timeshare points
    +60,000 Chase UR points
    +60,000 Continental miles

    We were thinking about starting and ending in Paris (we found that we can use our Shell Vacation timeshare there). We want to travel all over Europe and see the as many sites and as many countries as we can within these two weeks. We're looking for any advice on tools to help us plan this trip from websites to personal experiences to any kind of suggestions you're willing to share. At this point any input helps.

    Thanks in Advance!
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    Ive done my fair share of traveling throughout Europe and it is quite easy to navigate. The train system will be your best bet if you want to see a lot. The rail system in Europe is 100x better than the US system (sorry Amtrak). IMHO, 2 weeks should be enough time to see the neighboring countries (Belgium, Germany, Spain, Luxembourg) on the rail. Though if you want to have a relaxing trip, I say focus on a few countries/cities you want to explore. The worst thing you can do is strain yourself and feel pressured to see as much as you can. Take it slow and relax, its a vacation.

    If you want to fly around while in Europe, look into EasyJet and RyanAir as they are the budget bare bones airlines. Think of them like Southwest without the peanuts and the pricing of Spirit airlines. Be aware if you use these airlines, they typically will not fly into the main airport. As an example, you can fly into Frankfurt-Hahn, which is an one hour bus ride into Frankfurt (I learned this the hard way). The other MP-ers will be able to help you use your points for flights/trains/hotels.

    On the subject of lodging (do keep in mind this is coming from a 24 year old), I love the hostel system in Europe. Its a great way to meet new people who are traveling just like you. You'll have the option of sleeping in a dorm style (6+ bunk beds in a room) or you can opt for a private room which only has 1-2 beds. Hostels have really cleaned up their act the past few years and have become just as nice as some budget hotels. You may not be into the hostel idea, but if you are I can go into more detail.

    Fun fact: If you end up going to Ireland, all the museums are free. The museums are subsidized by the government my favorite way to see a museum is free. The National Museum in Dublin was my favorite.

    I hope the above helped, if i think of anything else, Ill be sure to post. Also, if you can give us a rough itinerary of the countries you want to see and when that would help.

    Happy traveling!!
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    Right now you have enough miles to get 2 Economy (Y) tickets from the US (assuming thats where you are) to Paris (CDG). checking availability on Continental.com, there's plenty of options to get there and back. My advice would be to book the airfare first, since it will be the hardest/most expensive part of the trip in most cases. I usually book our award travel 1 year in advance, or as soon as an airline allows.

    I am in Europe 4x or so times a year, and find it very easy to manage!

    Once in europe, intra european airfares are cheap. Seeing europe by train is also a good way since its relatively inexpensive and you can connect to most major european cities easily. Another option is to rent a car and really see Europe from ground level (like a drive through the alps for example).

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