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    Milepoint continues to rack up the milestones and this weekend's events sure make us proud of one of those milestones. The Milepoint Kiva Lending Team is hosting a first-of-its-kind charity Do this weekend in San Francisco in conjunction with Kiva.org — KivaDo. As part of an amazing program to learn more about global microfinance and how the efforts of the Kiva Lending Team help others, the team has organized another of their infamous "Money Bombs" where members all come together and focus on lending over a 24-48 hour period. Coinciding with the KivaDo, the group has already passed $200,000 in donations in the last 24 hours and have just passed the two million dollar mark of loans to help others. And these are mostly loans at $25. The goal of this Money Bomb is to be active in every loan that Kiva.org offers around the world and to cover the world not once, not twice but three times. WOW. The following links will help you check in with this very proud milestone for Milepoint:

    This thread features live posts from the KivaDo all weekend long.

    These are the team stats.

    This is the results of how the team is doing this month on Kiva.org (look at the leaderboard on the right side of this page).

    This team is pretty amazing, they even have a "Super Amazing Raffle" going on as part of this KivaDo with prizes including iPads, free Gogo inflight internet for a year, systemwide upgrades and more. Here's their RAFFLE.

    UPDATE: The KivaDo was a total success and the Money Bomb raised over $300,000 in loans that will help others. While we all work on building content for Milepoint, there is little doubt that we have the heart for amazing things. Thanks for the support that makes these things happen.
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