1k Flyer "Missing" 2 Regional Upgrades (CRUs)

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    1k Flyer "Missing" 2 Regional Upgrades (CRUs)

    Hello: --somehow I lost / UA took away unused 2 CRUs--

    I am a 1K on UA and flew just over 100k in 2011 between CO and UA, and just under 75k for 2012 so far on UA. Prior to a trip to Hawaii 2 weeks ago my account showed:
    2 Regional Premier Upgrades (I heard a MP agent call them CRUs) expiring 10/31/12, another
    4 Regional-CRUs expiring 12/31/12 and
    4 Globals (SWUs) expiring 12/31/12, a total of 10 Premier upgrades

    To get to Hawaii 2 weeks ago, a 1k agent used a SWU rather than a CRU. 1 CRU was used on my return. I called yesterday to correct this. My account showed 1-4-3 upgrades per the above listing before the call. The SWU was redeposited by the MP rep, after I was xfered by the 1k phone line.

    However, instead of having 0-4-4 upgrades (the 2 CRUs exp 10/31/12 were used for Hawaii), I ended up with 0-2-3 this morning (I used a SWU for booking an upcoming trip later last night). So where did the 2 CRUs exp 12/31/12 go?

    The MP agent who "fixed" the SWU-CRU issue last night told me verbally that I would end up with 0-4-4, what I expected. But this am my account showed 0-2-3. I called MP via the 1k line this am. The agent said she talked to a supervisor, as she saw in her system what I what saw on the internet site. But she had no idea why I was seeing 2-4-4 upgrades before Hawaii, She and her supervisor thought that I should only have had 2 (CRUs exp 10/31/12)-2 (not 4 CRUs exp 12.31.12) -4 (SWUs exp 12.31.12), before my trip to Hawaii. None were used previously. She did not appear to be able to tell me what number of Premier Upgrades was in my account previously, however she could see the use of upgrades for the recently completed Hawaii trip and maybe the use of a SWU for my upcoming trip to Europe.

    I have been a Plat w CO for many years, and over the past few yrs, I have always flown over 100k miles. So I think that was my entree to 1K status.

    At the end of last yr, from my old CO OnePass info, still available on the UA website:
    2 regional upgrades were dep in late Oct 2011. No idea re the exp date
    6 system wide upgrades were dep in late Dec 2011. Again, no idea re exp date. Maybe some of these expired earlier in 2012? I flew just over 75k to CO OP in 2011 and just under 25K to UA MP, total, just over 100k. Under 75K so far in 2012.

    No upgrades are mentioned on my old UA MP account statement for 2011.
    No upgrades are mentioned on my new UA MP account statements for 2012.

    So, I do not know why my info 2 weeks ago had 2 CRUs exp Oct, 4 CRUs exp Dec and 4 SWUs exp Dec 2012. Nor I do know why I only have 2 CRUs (and not 4) exp Dec 2012 currently.
    I cannot find the webpage that explains how to accumulate the CRUs / SWUs currently.
    Nor do I remember how UA did the math a year ago whereby I had 2-4-4 a few weeks ago. How or why did I loose the 2 CRUs exp 12/31/12?

    Thanks for any information or suggestions. (sorry for posting all of the details, but it might help sort this out)
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    did you look at the redemption page to see if they were "taken" during the timeframe you mention? A long time ago I had one taken as somehow a CR-1 had been applied to someone's itin that I did not approve.
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    I woke up this morning and I think 2 of mine disappeared overnight as well. I swear I had 7 yesterday and suddenly only have 5.

    From looking at my account, my 2 regionals that were deposited into my account in early September have disappeared.

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