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    Dear Mr. Smith,

    You were recently sent an invitation to a survey on entertainment options. There was a glitch in the survey link that caused some panelists to recieve an error. We apologize for this invonvenience! The issue has now been fixed, and we hope you will try again.

    This survey is different than most. The link below will take you to another site, where you will complete the survey. You will need the password: 250149 to log in to the survey. Please keep it handy!Participation should take about 10-12 minutes of your time.

    We are only looking for a set number of responses so don't wait…take the survey now! All participants who qualify and complete the entire survey will receive 1000 Marriott Rewards points.


    A couple days ago when I received this first the link did not work, today an apology came and a fixed link. In the process of filling in the survey froze 3 times and had to click refresh. Lot of work and sure hope I get the 1000 MR points.
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    sure, 1000 points seems much easier to earn this way than via the Marriott Rewards Plus programme route ! ;)

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