100 Dogs killed by a Whistler Dogsledding company

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    The Olympics brought much attention to British Columbia, along with many visitors, extra business and plenty of fun memories for those who attended. As we come close to the one year anniversary, there’s a bit of a dark cloud that’s hovering over Whistler after it came to light that 100 dogs were brutally killed by Howling Dog Tours Whistler Inc.
    The cull took place in April of 2010 near Whistler and details emerged through a workers compensation report after the employee who performed the cull had applied for workers compensation for post traumatic stress disorder. The report states that between 70-100 dogs were killed by either having their throat slit, or shot. Reports first stated that the dogs were killed because they could no longer care for all 300 dogs they had, so 100 of the pack had to be put down. Joey Houssian, of Outdoor Adventures, discredits this claim and said that the animals were ill or aging.
    In May 2010, after the mass kill, Howling Dog Tours Whistler Inc was fully taken over by Outdoor Adventures, who owned Howling Dog Tours Whistler Inc, but did not run the day-to-day business operation. Outdoor Adventures was aware of the cull, but they have said they thought that it was done in a humane way. The gruesome details have left many with a foul taste in their mouth and all dogsled tours from Outdoor Adventures have been put on hold “indefinitely” while the RCMP continues to seek out what happened, why it happened and how to safeguard animals from something like this ever happening again. .
    It’s truly a tragic story for those poor dogs. In light of this event, we have deactivated activities related to this because we cannot support or recommend a business that practices unethical and inhumane treatment of animals.
    Ed. note: There is another dogsledding company located in BC called Howling Dog Tours (http://howlingdogtours.com/) and they are in no way affiliated with Whistler’s Howling Dog Tours Whistler Inc, or Outdoor Adventures.

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