10 Things That Annoy Flight Attendants and How to Keep Your Flight Attendant Happy

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    Now that the holiday season is upon us, many will be flying to visit friends and family—and cabin crew (like myself) will feel the strain.

    After four years as a flight attendant, I can say that there is definitely something called “flying etiquette.” I have compiled a list of 10 common things that annoy flight attendants and how to best avoid them so you become a perfect passenger—and believe me, there are perks to making your flight attendant happy!

    1. Appropriate Lavatory Usage

    I have never understood passengers who spend an hour or more waiting in an airport to board their flights, then want to use the lavatory as soon as they get on a plane. The airport has perfectly good plumbing and proper toilets, yet people for some reason choose to use what is essentially a port-a-potty.
    The aircraft I work on has the lavatory in front, which means passengers seated at the back who decide to use the lavatory soon after they get on stuff up the aisles, making the boarding of all other passengers very difficult.

    There are, of course, exceptions—people with health conditions, and children—but please use the airport restroom before boarding to avoid jamming up the narrow aisles.

    2. Indecisiveness
    When a flight attendant comes through with a basket of snacks, there are usually two to three options. It really doesn’t need to take 10 minutes to choose between chips, cookies, or nuts.

    What amazes me is how often passengers will look at me instead of the snacks they need to choose from and say, “What’s this?”

    Take a look, read the package, and choose. If you’re really that torn, ask for two, we’ll probably oblige.

    Read More: http://www.theepochtimes.com/n3/403...-and-how-to-keep-your-flight-attendant-happy/
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    I think that one is more than obvious.
    a). Airport bathrooms are often crowded and less than sanitary.
    b). Options for your hand luggage are limited to:
    1). leaving it outside unattended (or in care of a stranger), or
    2). taking it with you to the lav and setting it on a dirty wet floor.
    With the above two inconveniences, would you blame anyone for not caring about an annoyed FA? ;)
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    At the end of the article, she writes: "To sum it up, common sense works the same on an aircraft..."

    Really, why do people call it "common" sense, if it were truly common there would be no need to write an article explaining these things. ;):rolleyes:
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    Everyone is in a rush to get on the plane, and then you are bored, so you walk to the bathroom, sure no place else to go..

    They shut the door to the plane and locked it.,

    The bathroom door is the only one we can open, the cockpit door now has a lock on it.

    Nothing like Flowmax at 30,000 feet to help the flow...

    Coffee tea or me, use to be the saying, a few years ago..

    Most FA know in a few hours they will have a new groups, and life goes on.
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    Nice read.
    But, when they ask 'Coffee or tea?', I answer 'coffee'. Seems correct to me. If they want the full info, they can ask 'Do you want coffee or tea and with milk or sugar?'
    Also, the person going to the toilet might as well be someone that had to rush to the gate to make his connection and did not want to loose time going to the toilet first.

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