10 places you should go while they're still cheap

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    It's a fact almost every traveler faces: The world is bigger than our wallets are deep. And while there are plenty of tricks for squeezing the most out of every vacation dollar, one of the simplest options is to find a place that has a lot to offer but hasn't yet been hit by the price inflation that comes with big-time popularity.

    Here are 10 destinations great enough to make the journey worthwhile, yet still cheap enough to ensure vacation abundance.

    Its name translates to "land on the edge," and this year Ukraine may be on the edge of discovery for visitors in search of rich history on a tight budget. Visitors return from the country amazed at its cultural wealth, the warmth of its people, and the fact that travelers can live large for under $50 a day. As yet unspoiled by the tourist masses, you can explore UNESCO World Heritage sites with locals and then tuck into a traditional meal for just a few dollars. It's the kind of travel we reminisce about once the moment has passed, which means now is the time to build those memories.

    South Korea
    South Korea has visitor-friendly affordability in the bag. Not only can budget travelers find the basics—from hotel rooms to great meals—at reasonable prices, but the country also has a ton of free perks, discounts, and other affordable and helpful services specifically for visitors. For instance, between March 1 and August 25, a free shuttle bus transports foreign visitors between capital city Seoul and the popular city of Jeonju. A free phone service gives tourists multilingual assistance 24 hours a day, and there are even free guide services for visitors.

    Read More: http://www.usatoday.com/story/trave...u-should-go-while-theyre-still-cheap/1986251/
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    Croatia?, South Korea?
    These are not undiscovered nor are either of these cheap, depending on the season. Croatia is one of my favorite countries but it is distinctly NOT cheap during July and August when it is overrun with tourists from Italy and elsewhere in Europe. Turkey is cheap only in off-season also.

    The ones that are recovering from civil discord are another story, thus Nicaragua and Ukraine make sense in this context. Both of these are great places to visit. BTW, Ukraine and the parts of Poland nearby are usually inexpensive as are Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. The region is well-seen together, since the histories are closely intertwined, and Hanseatic history abounds.
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    Agreed. The piece reads more like a promo than an objective assessment:
    Shanghai is a relatively expensive city to visit compared to other cities in the area. The fact that I just found a time of the year during which a 4+- night reward stay at Shanghai Hilton goes for 28 HHonors points/night (i.e. dirt cheap) does not change the fact that Shanghai is a relatively expensive city. So, the title of the article is misleading. It is not that the places listed will stop being cheap. Rather, it is simply that one needs to find the "right" time to go there....something that most people already knew...;)
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