10 biggest travel ripoffs

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    We're all for the occasional splurge--especially when you're on the road or overseas having a ball. But watch out for these worst-ever money pits that are never worth the extra cash.
    Getting fleeced anywhere, whether in the states or abroad, is never fun—especially when you're trying to travel conservatively. Different languages and customs, however, can send even the smartest traveler into a financial tailspin. "Being gloriously overwhelmed by novelty and excitement at every turn leads us to be less perceptive than perhaps we might be back at home," says travel psychologist Michael Brein, Ph.D. "After all, the money is Monopoly play money—it isn't that real—so it's no wonder that it goes relatively more quickly than we think or expect." Recognize the world's top 10 worst travel ripoffs and you can save your cash for meaningful experiences that are worth the coin.

    Read More: http://www.foxnews.com/travel/2013/09/23/10-biggest-travel-ripoffs/
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    Nice list, but I'm surprised they didn't include "Dynamic Currency Conversion" where the vendor (hotel, merchant) tries to convert your bill to charge your credit card in "your" currency, using their own conversion rate. That just adds 3% or more to the bill and you gain nothing.
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