10 amazing North American road trips

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    Top down, wind in your hair, sun on your face: Summer road-trip season has finally arrived. It's time to take your curiosity and sense of adventure on the road and let unexpected diversions and detours (and maybe even a dirt path) add drama to your journey. It's all part of the fun.

    Across the United States and Canada, little-known byways and scenic roads snake beside rivers and rocky mountainsides. From the Great Plains of North and South Dakota to Nova Scotia's miles of lighthouses, take a long, leisurely drive along one of these gorgeous North American routes.

    Read More: http://www.usatoday.com/story/trave...10-amazing-north-american-road-trips/2461883/
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    I can highly recommend the Lighthouse Route in Nova Scotia.
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  3. +1 and also include the Fundy tides drive. Spectacular tides that boggle the mind with their intensity.
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    Meh. Living in the Southwest, I know that there are much better road trips than just the East Coast and Great Lakes.

    Try Yellowstone to Devils Tower to Mount Rushmore or better do the reverse.

    Or Cody Wyoming to Green River to Flaming Gorge to Dinosaur National Monument (possibly more wildlife visible on this road than in Yellowstone)

    Or drive up Highway 99 in California. Parallels I-5 but actually goes through the cities and allows you to stop for farm stands, antiques, and roadhouses for lunch.

    Or the Eastern part of Washington State and Oregon down to Lassen National Park in California. This is a Desert Drive in a region that because of the western parts of the States is thought to be rainy. But in the East it is just beautiful.

    How about Highway 98 through New Mexico and Texas (then you can take the Big Bend trip in the article) all the way to San Antonio. True West Drive.
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    I've done the Amish Country, OH ride on a bicycle - the "century" (100 mi) version. :cool:
    It was a memorable adventure!

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