10 Airport Restaurants As Good As Home

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    Air travel these days can feel designed to make a harried flier feel like nothing more than a piece of cargo.

    From the interminable security lines to boarding cattle calls, anonymity is the order of the day, and that often extends to the food court. In a sea of endless soft pretzel vendors, undistinguished subs and sad, wan salads, it's always a treat for a hungry traveler to come upon an airport that's serving food specific to its city.

    While the fare might not always be quite on par with what's served at these restaurants' in-town flagships--hey, it's hard to cook in an airport!--these 10 offer up the next best thing to a long layover, a rental car and a trip back through security.

    More here.

    Since a New Orleans airport restaurant made the list, of course I have to weigh in. I have eaten at the restaurant at the airport. The food is not the best you can get in the city, but it was pretty good. For those that have never been before, it's a great place to start. It's outside security street-side and not cheap, but the wait isn't long and the wait staff is nice.

    The Balt/Wash mention would normally make me drool, but I made crab cakes for dinner last night (and I prefer mine over most restaurants). :p
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    Salt Lick in Austin is ok at best. It's a lot better than the DFW location. I actually prefer Dickeys at DFW fo airport barbecue.
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    two of the places are known for their chili dogs, that isn't saying much about airport food.

    I had Salt Lick BBQ at Salt Lick, so can't comment on the airport version.

    Of this list I really enjoyed Cowgirl Creamery/Acme Bread counter, San Francisco International Airport
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    A great article, MSYgirl - thanks for sharing!
    And Obrycki's isn't the only restaurant that you can get crab cakes at BWI, we've had crab cakes and eggs for breakfast at Phillip's Seafood! For a listing of BWI vendors see: http://www.bwiairport.com/en/shops/shop-dine
    Yes, the Baltimore area definitely has a thing for crab cakes, as you can also get 'em served fresh and hot when you're at a Baltimore Orioles baseball game at Camden Yards stadium in Baltimore!
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    The Varsity in F at ATL is true to the downtown one. That being said, if you notice someone who is obviously a connecting passenger you do not want to be anywhere near them on the plane after they've had it.

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