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P2 Badge of Honour  


As a loyal MPer I purchased the P2 membership soon after it was announced. I paid hard earned USD's via my points earning SPG card for it. I was happy to gift some of the stati to family members. I was proud to have the P2 Badge of Honour too.

I had "won" a raffle via the MP Kiva Lending Team some months ago. My choice of reward since I was unavailable to go to FTU Tampa was an upcoming Premium Membership. I had not heard from the Chief, Randy Petersen, or any other HOM blokes or blokesses regarding P2 and was comfortable with my purchase.

Lo and behold PayPal sent me a message last week that my funds were being sent back from P2. It included a lovely message from someone at the HOM too. Happy days. Money back.

Realization then set in that I would be losing a minimum of 61.25 airmiles transferred from my SPG account to my airline of choice. A few moments ago, and the reason for this post, I discovered upon clicking on my avatar that my P2 Badge of Honour was unceremoniously removed. Thus, anyone clicking on my avatar wondering what type of curious person is posting here would be left with the conclusion that he or she or it does not support MP and was too cheap to purchase Premium Membership 2. I am disappointed.

I can only conclude that my MPKLT raffle win provided me with merely P2 lite since I am like Jason McCord in "Branded" and stripped of my Badge of Honour.:(

Posted : December 17, 2013 11:03 pm
Randy Petersen

The "lovely message" was from yours truly ... and yes, happy days, money back.

SO, we tracked down a witness from the "P2 Badge" vanquish who was third in command. This person possessed a series of emails from persons unknown that questioned the stability of how a refund might affect said P2 badges. Those emails would have been enough to grant you a new badge and possibly exonerate you. We were all convinced that any effort to 'delete' those emails in order to save the reputation of PayPal were fraught and welcomed a court ruling this morning that declared the disappearance of your P2 badge to be a likely violation of the Milepoint constitution. I put forth a full pardon of your Avatar restrictions and now the world of curious people can see that indeed you fully support Milepoint and Kiva with one of the broadest collections of badges in the free world—all earned and paid for.

(thanks to Wikipedia for the Jason McCord background**)

Have a great day and for what it's worth ... behind this post is a guy that loves what he does for frequent flyers, so contact me anytime.

Posted : December 20, 2013 5:40 pm