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I'm still getting charged since 2013  


It has been a while since I visit MP(due to me moving to asia and no longer renting car, and unable to churn cards like I am able before, I didn't cancel subscription figuring it will end with the premium cycle is over) I was visiting paypal to do some cleanup and notice I am still getting charge since my initial subscription date: Apr 14, 2013, while the next payment due date is tomorrow.

Quickly login to the website, and notice there is nothing about me being on P2 or even an alert about presale window for p2, in fact the 'upgrade' account button seem to have vanished that I can't even determine if I was ever a premium member apart from the initial message I received containing the few links back in P1(Can't find the badge either).

So right now I am a little bit lost about my situation, is there a way to find out what am I? :confused: Do I need to do anything inorder to participate the next premium cycle(if it is available to the public)?

Posted : January 19, 2015 1:33 pm

Hi [USER=131191]@Belinik[/USER]

Actually, that's from the $3.99 Premium Membership we offered a while back, but no longer have active. You joined that on May 15, 2013.

On November 17 of last year we sent out new codes for National, AwardWallet, ExpertFlyer and others, but it doesn't seem to have gotten to you. I will remedy that immediately and please ask that you send me a private message on here regarding cancellation if you would like (you'll of course still get the codes owed to you). At that time I can answer anything else as well.

Sorry about that! I'll do an audit this morning to see if the system skipped anyone else.

Posted : January 19, 2015 2:12 pm