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How do I start a new thread?

Starting a new thread on milepoint is easy. When you are in a forum you will see a list of the most recently active threads. At the top right of the page you will find a button labeled, "Post New Thread".

Selecting this button will take you to a page where you can enter the title and content of a post, which will become the first post within your new thread.

At the point of creating a new thread, you can also select whether you would like to watch the thread. You can change this setting at any point if you change your mind.

Depending on your milepoint status, you might also be given the option to add a poll to your thread. If you add a poll, other members will be allowed to vote and the poll will display at the top of the thread. Polls can only be added during the thread creation process - they cannot be added after the thread has already been created.

Should I start a new thread?

Before creating a new discussion, it is always a good idea to search first to try to find similar topics that might already exist. Milepoint's Advanced Search option features several methods to narrow the scope of a search - by member's name, by keyword, by date, by forum, and any combination of all of these. Determining what search criteria to use is as much art as it is science, so play around with different combinations. You will be surprised at what you can find.

Sometimes though, no matter how much searching you do, you won't find a similar topic. Or, your topic might be so broad that you are unable to determine a useful keyword on which to search. In that case, it's time to create a new thread.

Where should I start my new thread?

Milepoint contains several forums, some quite specific and others much wider in scope. When deciding where to start a new thread, you should always select the narrowest forum possible.

For example, if you are starting a thread about the Hyatt Gold Passport program, the Hyatt | Gold Passport forum would be an ideal place for it. If, however, you want to start a thread in which members discuss the differences between the Hyatt Gold Passport and Starwood Preferred Guest programs, you might instead select the General Discussions | Miles/Points forum as a home for your thread.

If you are relatively new to travel and/or frequent flyer programs and have a very general question, the best place to post your thread is in the Newbies forum. There, any question is acceptable, even if it has been asked in the past (though, if possible, you should still try to search prior to posting). And remember, when other members reply and answer your questions or point you in the right direction, please be sure to give them a "Like" for their efforts.

How do I post a message to a thread?

You must be registered and logged into milepoint to contribute to the discussions. Once logged in, you will find a post entry section positioned after the most recent post of every thread. Next to this post entry section will be displayed your name and avatar. Simply type your message into the text box and select "Post Reply" to submit a post.

How do I post an image?

There are two easy ways to post images to threads on milepoint. The following video explains both methods:

How do I quote someone in my post?

Positioned at the lower right of each member's post you will find a link labeled, "Reply". To quote a member's post, select the Reply link within their post. You will be directed to your post entry box at the bottom of the page and their message will be added into your post.

You can add quotes from multiple members into one post by selecting the "Reply" link on each member's post whom you would like to quote. To use the multi-quote feature, all posts you would like to quote must appear on the same page.

How do I add a signature to my posts?

To add a signature to your posts, select "Signature" from your drop down Profile Menu. You will be taken to a page where you can enter the content of your signature. Be aware, your signature will appear below each of your posts, so please be cautious when adding a signature.

Can I hide the signatures?

Yes you can. To do so, select "Preferences" from your drop down Profile Menu. On your Preferences page, deselect the check box labeled, "Show people's signatures with their messages".

Check out our video tutorial about hiding signatures:

Can I edit/delete my posts? If so, how?

Depending on your milepoint status, you may be able to both edit and delete your posts. If the options are available to you, you will find links at the lower left of your posts labeled, "Edit" and "Delete".

Be aware, editing and/or deleting your post will not remove the post content from any post by another member who has quoted your post. If you have posted personally identifying information that you want removed, and that exists in a quote within another member's post, please contact the administrators. The information will be removed if so warranted.


Can I change my username?

Milepoint members are allowed username changes upon request. When a username is changed, the member's former username will display as his/her title for at least 30 days, unless any of the following conditions are met:

  1. The former username contains all or part of the member's real name
  2. The former username is the member's email address
  3. The change is a minor typographical correction

Please also note that multiple accounts are allowed on milepoint, which means you can begin a new account with a new username at your discretion.

Can I delete my account?

You cannot delete your own account, though you are allowed to edit and delete your posts. If you have a compelling reason to request an account deletion, please contact the administration directly and we will decide on a case-by-case basis.

What type of privacy can I expect? And how can I manage my privacy settings on milepoint?

We take member privacy very seriously on milepoint. We encourage all members to closely review the Privacy Policy.

A link within your drop down Profile Menu labeled, "Privacy" will take you to your milepoint privacy settings page. From that page you can select what types of information you want to display to other members, as well as define who you allow to start conversations with you.

Please note, these settings only apply to the milepoint forums. You can manage your milepoint chat privacy from the chat settings menu. You may also close milepoint chat completely, which will effectively hide your chat status.

Misc. Features

What is a conversation?

A conversation is a threaded discussion that is limited to a select group, which can be contrasted against the threaded discussions that exist in the forums, which are open to everyone.

How do I start a conversation?

To start a conversation with just one other member, you can select the member's avatar and select the "Start a Conversation" link within their profile popup menu. You are taken to a page where you can enter your conversation starter message and the member's name is pre-loaded.

If you would like to include more than one member in a conversation, you can select your "Inbox" in the upper navigation and select, "Start a Conversation". You are taken to the same page as before, but no member names are pre-loaded. Simply enter the names of the members whom you would like to invite to the conversation, separated by commas, and enter your conversation starter message.

Check out our tutorial video about starting conversations:

Is there an option to hide the advertisements?

As you are no doubt aware, there is no fee charged to join and participate in the milepoint community. To offset the costs of providing the milepoint community (and, truth be told, in the hopes of making a little profit), display advertisements are necessary.

Having said that, members who achieve Gold status will enjoy ad-free viewing of the forums.

In the future, we also hope to include a paid ad-free viewing option.

What are "Likes" and why should I "Like" a post?

If you read a post that you find informative, humorous, helpful, entertaining, etc, you should "Like" it to encourage more such posts. Liking a post is also a great way to give someone a "thumb's up" without having to add another post to the thread, thereby reducing the clutter and making the thread easier to read.

Likes are one of the components that are considered in the attainment of milepoint status.

What is the significance of the titles under member names?

The titles are used to identify a member's status and/or official capacity on milepoint. While specific titles can change, milepoint administrators and volunteers will typically be clearly identified. As well, members who are representing travel organizations in an official capacity within the milepoint community will maintain titles indicating such.

Members can achieve various levels of status for their positive contributions to the milepoint community. When a member achieves a status level, they are given a title commensurate with their status. Though not perfect, a member's status provides an indication of his/her contributions to the community.

Other miscellaneous titles are awarded from time to time. For example, Randy Petersen, the founder of milepoint, enjoys the title "Founder". And many of our earliest members are titled "Original Member".

What does it mean to "watch" a thread?

The two most common reasons to watch a thread are:

  • You would like to receive alert notifications, email notifications, or both when new replies are posted to the thread.
  • The thread is a favorite of yours and you would like to bookmark it.

Positioned at the top right of every thread is a link labeled, "Watch Thread". You can select that link to add the thread to your list of watched threads. Once selected, you will be given an option to receive alerts via email when new replies are made to the thread.

Your Watched Threads list can be accessed from your Profile Menu. By default, the list will only display threads that contain replies since your last visit. You can view your entire list of watched threads by clicking the link labeled, "Show all watched threads".

If you wish to stop watching a thread (or multiple threads), you can do so from within your Watched Threads list by checking the box next to the thread and selecting, "Stop Watching Threads" from the drop down menu positioned immediately below the watched threads list. You can also stop watching an individual thread from within the thread itself. When viewing a watched thread, the link positioned at the top right will be labeled, "Unwatch Thread" - click this to remove the thread from your watched list.

Check out our video tutorial about watching threads:

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