On milepoint we have created something unique, called ConcourseZ. The purpose is simple - make it easy for members and small travel-related organizations to interact within the milepoint community.

It's common for small providers of topic-relevant services to get lost in the conversations in online communities. ConcourseZ provides a place where you can directly interact with your customers and answer their questions. ConcourseZ is your forum, where you can post an FAQ, sales and benefit information, and attract new customers who are all participating along with you in one of the busiest and largest online communites devoted to the business traveler and frequent flyer.

ConcourseZ Guidelines:

  • To verify your status as an official representative of your organization, we require you contact us directly.
  • You can create as many official accounts on milepoint as you like, so long as each is verified by us. We suggest using only your business brand as the user name. On each account will be displayed a "Z Representative" title, letting members know you have been vetted by milepoint administration.
  • Though not strictly required, we encourage you to use as an avatar on your official account(s) an image that is recognizable as a brand of your organization.
  • We also advise you to not post elsewhere in the community unless the thread topic and discussion is directly related to your brand or organization. Posting about other topics is frowned upon but you can do so using your own personal accounts.
  • If you plan to participate in the community in a non-official capacity in addition to your official role (and we encourage that as well), you should register a separate account for that purpose.
  • We also highly suggest you use your milepoint account "signature" to promote your other social media efforts, such as Facebook and Twitter, and to announce promotions, news. etc.
  • Milepoint retains the right to restrict the number and/or type of organizations that are to be permitted in ConcourseZ.

The views expressed by milepoint members are their own, and each member owns the content of his/her own posts. Please be aware that, while we will certainly attempt to manage behavior deemed in violation of our general terms of service, we will not delete, edit, or otherwise manage member-generated content.

And finally, while we are sure you already know this, the best official representatives are those who contribute timely and accurate information, and who help members by answering questions and addressing concerns. We would simply advise you to be careful not to allow your official representative(s) on milepoint to become little more than public relations agents. Your customers and members appreciate personal and "spin free" interactions - and that appreciation will flow upwards to the entire organization.

Thank you and welcome to milepoint.

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