Hello ... My Name is Beta

This is a very special occasion and I want to thank you personally for being a part of it.

We began working on this project just over three weeks ago and have been going flat out on it since then. The goal for MilePoint is simple - create a friendly place for frequent flyers utlizing technology that enhances each members experience.

It's that simple.

Or at least, it sounds simple. Of course, making something seem simple requires a lot of work, and a lot of help. This is where you come in. This month-long Beta phase has its own goals - establish standards for culture and content, and make sure that the technology works.

First, the content and culture. We, and you, are starting with a blank canvas - all of the forums are empty. It's daunting, but there is a plan of attack. The first order of business is for topic experts to begin creating valuable and informative threads in their forums of interest. For example, I'd like to see someone create a thread about best advice and experiences related to SkyTeam Award Booking in the Delta SkyMiles forum.

Between creating those types of threads, you can help others by asking questions in other forums where you aren't necessarily a topic expert. This will give everyone questions to respond to and should help get the juices flowing.

Now, for the most important thing. How you contribute, like, and reply to each other during this next month will set the tone for other members once MilePoint officially opens its doors. As an early contributor to MilePoint, you are the standard. Post often, like more, and please be conscientious of the tone we are setting and the type of community we all want this to become.

As for the technology. It is likely unlike anything you've experienced in any other travel community - or possibly any other community period. There will be some adjustment and some of the terms and functions will be different, but we think we're creating something unique and special. It's designed to be intuitive to use and navigate, and we certainly hope that's the case because truthfully, we haven't yet created any documentation. Like I said, it's been a great three weeks, but we're only 30% along the path we hope to be by March 1.

I really appreciate your efforts and am sure you will get this community off to a great start. All of this reminds me of a glorious time in early to mid 1998 when I did the very same thing. That is still a very special memory for me, and I hope your efforts this month will become a very special memory of your own that you can proudly look back on in the years ahead.

So, come on in, register your user name of choice and let the content building begin.

Randy Petersen

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