There’s a new pay-per-hour car rental option in Dubai…  


Sick of trying to find cheap parking near your office? Here’s a great option.
Dubai’s not always the most pedestrian-friendly place, and if you’re stranded out in the further reaches of the city, getting around can be a bit of a problem – and taxis a little expensive.

Well, that’s where the RTA-backed Ekar comes in.

The pay-per-hour service costs just Dhs24 per hour for a round trip (so, say if you picked it up at the Burj Khalifa you would have to drop it off at the Burj Khalifa) and Dhs30 per hour for a one way trip (so you could drive it from the Burj Khalifa to Discovery Gardens, for instance).

The cars can be rented for a maximum of six hours, and will most commonly be found near metro stations.

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Posted : January 8, 2017 9:19 pm

US$6 and $US8 per hour is not a bad price for the flexibility.

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