UA pins a medal on ...

UA pins a medal on itself “for saving” 40000 connections (it necessitated) and thereby delaying half a million customers  


United shamelessly faking a bow for allegedly fixing messes it creates with mandatory hub connections and off the wall scheduling (and collusion)  More than half a million people sat twiddling their thumbs (no doubt left in the dark) as pushback time came and went while passengers were rushed at full steam from one side of an airport where they deplaned to their connection gate.

Does anyone know a single person who doesn’t want the flight they are sitting on to push back 15 minutes early (fully boarded) do a short taxi and land at home 30 minutes earlier than the padded bogus schedule indicates.  UA thinks it aint no thing that your flight that could’ve landed at 530 (bogus scheduled for 555) actually lands at 6:07.

Posted : September 11, 2019 9:57 am