Totally corrupted, ...

Totally corrupted, industry owned and operated Airlines for AmericaUS Department of Transportation twists itself into a pretzel to tell the laughable lie that it's never been cheaper to fly  


Where is the Inspector General?  The FBI for that matter.  In market, after market, after market Americans are finding absurdly expensive airfares, often several hundred dollars for short flights.  This before all the scam fees, upsells and other hustles and shakedowns dealing with the cartel entails.  (You can take TEN flights in Europe for the cost of a single domestic round trip in many cases)  Prices for so many goods have remained steady or even declined in the past two decades-and yet US DOT does the corrupt bidding of the cartel by parroting its misleading deceit that airfare must always be compared in "inflation adjusted terms."  And they are comparing a highwater fuel year, 2014, instead of the premerger era.  Isn't there one unbought academic or thinktank that can tear this disinformation apart limb from limb?

Posted : July 22, 2019 12:31 am