The line used most ...

The line used most in the aircartel boardroom: “They probably won’t even notice” Business class seats get narrower and less comfortable  

  1. Interesting conversation on a mileage website recently with many claiming that Business class seats are getting more cramped and less comfortable than ever-with particular scorn directed at the Polaris seat on the 787.  This type of incessant screwing around with customer best exemplifies the utter lack of ethics baked into cartelism.  You would think folks paying an amount approaching a downpayment on a house for a flight ($10 k in some cases) could at least turn up at the airport secure in the knowledge they are not being chiseled. Elsewhere, reward programs are reduced drip by drip and carteliers who long ago trashed their upstatt quality ethos like Southwest and JetBlue keep hardselling they are the same as decades ago.
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Posted : November 21, 2019 8:47 am