Thank you for calli...

Thank you for calling, goodbye: 10 Weeks with no business and Delta is still "extremely busy" and urges you to wait a week to call them-then hangs up: or what happens when regulators are corrupt and law enforcement is useless  


Since approximately like what 10,000 people have flown in the past two and a half months, how could Delta be unreachable on May 17th?  Well, of course, this is part of their scheme to defraud customers our of hundreds of millions in refunds.  Two things worth noting: first some of those refunds are for what are enormous amounts for ordinary people: $10,000.  Second, with thousands on layoffs even a $200 refund could be vital to people's ability to just go on.  What a shame our government is so owned and operated by the airlines even as they continue to show their disdain for people and utter contempt for the law.

Posted : May 17, 2020 10:59 pm