Selling nothing und...

Selling nothing under the nose of prosecutors: UA demands $Billions from Chase: ‘our biggest margin item’ selling points UA will never honor  


Just an old-fashioned, broad daylight, plain as day, audacious fraud: selling billions of worthless miles in a program you’ve eviscerated.  This is not changed circumstances in a few years from now (eg 50% increase in fuel) this is a right here, right now elaborate scheme to defraud millions of Americans.

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Posted : April 18, 2019 9:24 am

And this on the heels of the massive devaluation of Mileage Plus miles effective in November.   Not only has United  made it virtually impossible to plan a vacation around redeeming flights (since with dynamic award pricing you won't know how many miles the ticket will cost until the moment you go to buy it), the abolition of award charts will turn Mileage Plus miles into the equivalent of Delta's SkyMiles,  and can be further devalued by stealth ("I'm sorry, but that's the new price effective now and good now only.") 

At least with Delta's SkyPesos you can usually redeem for a value of about one cent a mile.  How low will Mr. Kirby drive the value of United miles?  Who knows?  And in any event, a data point will be good only for that specific moment (sort of like Hilton points).

Does United really think this will make their miles a sought-after commodity?  Or will savvy cardholders switch to a more stable "currency" for the rewards card they use for daily purchases?

Posted : April 19, 2019 3:33 pm

It’s hard to not get the impression that United is in full flight on this with so many more schemes to perpetrate.  The end goal is points will not be usable for travel at all-they will be for ancillary costs and maybe a cover for high priced top ups. BA does this a lot charging tons of miles and large wads of cash together.  United and its cartel partners have no concerns whatsoever with basically three “full service” carrriers and what 400-500 million customers-US population plus all others coming and going.  By the way u are seeing UAs ads for credit cards that list trivial benefits but exclude free trips.  A $100 credit, pre check, free bags total worthless junk.

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Posted : April 19, 2019 3:52 pm