Just took a magic c...

Just took a magic carpet ride on an A380 into Heathrow and upon landing saw the cramped tiger cage trashpile planes US carriers are flying on long distance routes-not ONE 747 or 380 in all of US  


Upper deck of an A380 just a wonderful, quiet, new feel, spacious ride.  Then you see the 30 year old 757's and other short distance, single aisle, planes US carriers are using for 8, 9 and 10 hour flights. The A380 is on death row as financial mavens command and control flying-customers are  just useful idiots in an algorithm.  The just awful 350 is an accountants dream-passengers are broken down valises after even a short flight in that stockade-but oh the profit!  If you get a chance to fly a jumbo, 747 or 380 take it-Wall Street has made comfortable flying their number one enemy and every airline in the world is under pressure to send them to the boneyard.

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Posted : August 13, 2019 4:33 pm