Jetblue Chairman is...

Jetblue Chairman is a Stanford Biz School Professor: What is the capstone course Biz 777: Lying Through Omission?  


He was yucking it up on Fox yesterday, Chairman of JetBlue, mocking the once nice (pre cartel) airline’s critics: shrugging ‘we’re going to pepsi, instead of coke.’  That’s what has people upset.

he left out that JB was once a fresh, new, cheap or reasonable, nice, clean, competitive, helpful, spacy, airline that fought every day to beat the competition.  It was once an airline ran by airline types.

now it has thrown itself into the lot, partnering with other carteliers.  it is old,cramped, dirty, expensive or absurdly expensive, packed,  rough with customers and acting in concert with the big three to divvy up the nation and keep fares sky high.  The management is currently cutting and cutting looking under seat cushions for loose change so it can buy back $125M of its own stock.  In short it is just a balance sheet ran for WS by algorithmics.

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Posted : September 17, 2019 9:17 am