Corrupted US House ...

Corrupted US House Transportation will go from invisible to visible for a day to hold hearing on aviation safety. Is there anything more than a zero percent chance they will take on the aircartel?  


This will be a skirmish with Boeing probably for pure theatrical effect.  Is it possible that these masters of utter invisibility owing to the fact that they are owned and enslaved by private equity and hedge funds who they worship and exalt- will stay out of the shadows long enough to do a hard hitting hearing on the across the board rubbish experience of corrupted domestic travel?  Got bet if you blink they will gone-off to fundraisers and dinners with lobbyists, never to be seen again:  The irony is if the went after that one particular LCC, the CEO would have to take the Fifth if the inquirers had any kind of skills.  And of course they would subpoena the departed CEO also

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Posted : July 11, 2019 11:25 pm