Cancelled 5% of tim...

Cancelled 5% of time- late 53%- Excessively late 43% of time-Average delay 110 minutes- Spirit 331 shows how utterly sucky they are and how utterly corrupted our regulators and media are  


Night after night, year after year, Spirit has stranded and delayed tens of thousands of customers on this one flight alone, a tiny glimpse into the ecosystem of what Philadelphia Magazine called "the worst airline in the world."  When they are not ignoring this flying RICO, the media covers them whimsically like "isn't it funny how they jam everybody in and are unreliable."  Like a restaurant reviewer blaming diners in response to an ecoli outbreak at a restaurant-if you paid more you wouldn't be poisoned.  Of course, in more recent time choiceless Americans are sometimes being extorted for hundreds of dollars-incredibly-as this turd falls into place with AIRPEC.  American aviation shames the nation, and all of us should be worried that this sleaze is the future for a once great nation now populated by useful idiots.

Source: Flightstats August-September stats on time performance gets a Zero star rating

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Posted : September 19, 2019 9:12 pm