All the years and n...

All the years and never noticed that United which scammed, schemed, colluded vs, ripped off, deceived, flim flammed millions of customers was just trying “to be fair”  


United opening fire on a passenger who reseated on a half empty plane-the shameful man was being “unfair” to the choiceless souls who had paid to mitigate the engineered hassle of domestic US air travel.  Thus he had to be corralled into punishment seating while seats lay empty everywhere.  Of course, seats lie empty because most people see flying as mass transit like taking the bus or subway and have no interest in playing along with the hustles that snot nose mba’s have imagined i.e. economy plus, economy very plus, economy plusest etc. .  Just get me there so I don’t have to deal with your disrespectful, soulless, dishonest company for a while.  The essential element to hassling and screwing with customers was corrupt mergers of course.  Even so, many of us are planning longer parts of our lives that don’t involve AIRPEC. Why any passenger would side with the cartel and what is gas wrought  is a great mystery.

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Posted : September 21, 2019 9:30 am