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Adventures in predatory pricing: United and American team up to undercut frontier's $98 Philadlephia (TTN)-ORD fare-they fixed the minimum price at $155 o/w, but this Fall are offering a $98 fare ONLY at the time of Frontiers early AM departure  


Once again, Americans want the lowest possible fares and will go to great lengths to get them-despite all the contrary palaver offered up by the cartel. People off to Trenton at crack of dawn to avoid the absurd fares that UA and AA have been extorting on the PHL-ORD route.  Now, in an effort to drive Frontier away they offer a lower fare right at the time of the Frontier departure.  (When Frontier stops flying the route for the winter, UAAA put the price up to $155 again.)
What is DOJ now, a luxury condo?

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Posted : August 18, 2019 5:46 pm