New LGA is an abomi...

New LGA is an abomination: huge walks mean many will miss flights and $5 muffins  


Sucky as it was, the old LGA meant never being too far away from your gate and prices that were obscene, but not unconscionable.  Now its as though the fucktards who gave us the absurdity of UK airports which are malls with planes flying out of them have seized control.  Space, sprawl and distance with primacy given to sub mediocre food at pick a number, any number pricing is the new LGA.  So if we you are stuck in notorious NYC traffic, heres hoping you will have your running gear as  you run serpentine through the pukey mess now called an airport   And it will not be finished for years knowing NYs totally inept PA.

Posted : February 7, 2019 9:23 pm