Heavens to Betsy: F...

Heavens to Betsy: Former Delta CEO destroying Amtrak with slimy tricks learned in carteldom  


Wow.  Amtraks Northeast Regional routes in freeball as the uber hassilistic scamming that made air travel America’s most hated industry being imported to what was once the low stress train experience.  Change and cancellation and forfeiture fees now infect the choo choo.  But there is a big difference and that is choice—- on a route like PHL NYC you can and many are bailing out to take NJ Transit at a a 50 to 150 pct discount.  Amtrak hopes its 123 promo will bring back the deserters, but there is evidence of a revolt in the air as well based on tons of empty seats I see in my air travel.  Heres to hoping that toxic sludge called air travel is not replicated on the rails.

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Posted : February 19, 2019 11:25 pm